My name will do!

As I begin this journey in, I am not a full time photographer.  I am not a full time writer.  I am working as a supply teacher, when I am called in.  I work in HR/PR and as an “all-rounder” for some family members that have been so good to me as I’m home between travel adventures.

More recently, I have been dabbling in photography as a hobby.  I’ve always loved it, but have never really considered it to be more than just a quick way to capture a memory here and there.  One of my best friends is a very well established photographer and has offered to mentor me as I begin this endeavour into photography as a hobby and even part time photography.  It became clear to me that I needed to have a name to represent myself and to brand and market myself with.  As it turned out, picking a name wasn’t as simple as I thought!  My first and middle name with the word photography after it had already been turned into a website and business name.  My last name just didn’t have the right ring to it, and all three together was just too long… or was it?  I brainstormed and asked a few friends of mine that are established photographers and even checked out a few articles I Googled.  I asked some friends of mine and my sister over and over again, what about this?! … what about… this?!  They all had varying opinions, until Dani asked me – what’s wrong with your full name?  I thought it was too long.  “But it’s you.”  She got me.  It is me, and it’s been me since day dot.

I’ve always loved to write, and as I begin exploring photography as another artistic avenue, I will combine the two to share stories and moments and feelings I experience in my life, and I will share them with you.

A xo


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