When a walk turns into a moment…

An incredible friend of mine, Danielle Meredith of Danielle Meredith Photography, has been mentoring me as I being to think more seriously about photography.  Tips and suggestions, stories, examples, and practical hands on learning, Dani has been answering my every question and concern about starting this journey.

Dani lent me one of her cameras, a Canon Mark II.  Over the course of the weekend, I spent time shooting in different lighting both indoor and out.

I called up my grandparents, who I call Mama and Papa, and asked them if they’d like to have a few photos taken of them both for my own practice, but to hopefully have a good one in the end that they could frame.  They were both very excited and I ended up there last Sunday afternoon.

Sure enough, they’d dressed in shades that complemented on another and turned out to be perfect colours for an outdoor shoot!  When I arrived, I was a little nervous, because this was going to be considered my first “couple” shoot, and it was of Mama and Papa! They were so used to posing for photos, but I was going to try and take more natural shots of them outside.

I told them to try and forget that I had a camera in my hand and was running around like a ninja, crouching from time to time and snapping like crazy!  It took them a little to just go with it, but once I told them that they could just  relax and take a walk together around the yard and have a chat while they walked, the magic just started happening.

Laughter, stories, memories and jokes, the pair of them were nothing but themselves.  I was so lucky that the day was overcast, and if you can believe it, these photos were taken in DECEMBER in Minden, Ontario!  (Needless to say, we’re experiencing a rather mild winter so far…)

I couldn’t wait to get back to Dani’s to share my excitement of this shoot with her!  I couldn’t wait to see the photos and see if I’d managed to capture their love and friendship in the matter of ten minutes we spent out wandering around in their yard.  When we had the photos up on the screen, we both lit up with happiness and excitement – I’d not only completed my first “couple” shoot, but I managed to capture exactly what it was I was hoping to!

A xo

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