Friendship and Mentorship

I am a truly lucky person, and I know it.  I’m surrounded by friends, family, opportunity and support, all the way around the globe.  For those who know me well, I’m a dreamer. I set big goals, which at times may seem rather unrealistic to some. Having said that, I like to think I’m able to make most of my realistic dreams actualize in good time, and have a great time chasing them no matter what.

In the latter half of 2015, a few events led to a great reconnection with a lifelong friend of mine.  Her name is Danielle, but nearly everyone knows her as Dani. In October/November, I spent some time in hospital and then recovering at home from appendicitis gone worse.  I hadn’t spent much time with Dani in years, really, but we have that beautiful kind of friendship that isn’t impacted negatively by time spent apart or without contact.  Dani heard from my sister that I was sick, and came by the house as soon as I got home to visit me with a colouring book, a mug, and movies to watch while I was on the mend.  She offered and wouldn’t have me say no to her driving me to an appointment in Lindsay to have my JP drain removed, so my parents didn’t have to take a day off work… “A perk of working for yourself!” she said… but her generosity and kindness will NEVER be forgotten.  (Heather/Dustin, Jess/Dave, Hutch/Caddy, Jenna/Jeff, Heather K, Aunt Carla/Jackie, ME/GS staff, Al/Mom/Dad, etc, yours won’t either!!)

I couldn’t be happier that we were able to reconnect as well as we did at such a great time. (Terrible circumstances, but also great timing!) Dani, as most people call her, wears her heart on her sleeve.  She’s successful, outgoing, passionate, and real.  We connect on so many levels, and have a mutual comfort in each other’s company.  Dani sees the world and life much like I do.  She faces similar life problems, has real concerns and cares, and wears her heart on her sleeve.  The lucky girl has found real love, she sets real goals, and then chases them with all of her heart and soul.

Reconnecting and hanging out more often together led to an invite to Toronto, which led to, “Hey, want to be the second photographer for a wedding in Toronto next weekend, for fun?” UHHH, HELL YES PLEASE!  Dani is the owner and sole proprietor of Danielle Meredith Photography.  This was just a way to come down and spend a weekend in Toronto with Dani, and to spend an afternoon and evening doing something fun together… Well, who knew that we’d work so well together!  It went seamlessly, and Dani was thrilled with the photos I took…

And so started the side-journey of following a passion I’d always had, but had never gotten into more seriously.

I’ve always loved taking pictures, documenting travels and capturing moments.  Dani immediately started encouraging me to learn more and more, but was also incredibly willing to help teach and show me how to use a camera more effectively.  I’ve since joined in on a WHAT Workshop that she and Eleanor Dobbins, (of Eleanor Dobbins Photography) held, and have been learning more and more about lighting, mood, contrast, and angles.  I’m loving it. I’ve since bought my own Sigma 35mm Art lens, and am in the process of shopping for a Canon Mark II body!

Last Wednesday, Dani asked if I wanted to come over to visit and catch up, since she’d be travelling to shoot destination weddings.  I was thrilled to catch up about everything in our lives, and then to head out for a walk and go on a learning adventure.

I cannot say enough good about this girl.  She’s a friend, turned into a mentor.  I couldn’t ask for a more supportive combination, as her knowledge and realistic guidance is helping me chase a passion on the side of my active life.  This isn’t something I’ll take on full time as a vocation, but as a hobby, and one I’m loving, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me with this endeavour.

Dani, I love ya girl.

A xo


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