Today is the day!

For the past two nights, I haven’t slept very well. I had the opportunity to sleep in my own bed, and to sleep in if I wanted… but my mind is racing, full of excitement and anticipation for the journey ahead.

I’ve been so fortunate to be working so frequently for the school board as a supply teacher, and worked right up until Friday!  I think because circumstances with work and life have kept me so busy, I haven’t had much time to wind down before this trip like I have with most of my other trips and adventures.  This isn’t a problem, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing!  I’ve been counting down the sleeps for this trip since September 13th, when I booked the trip on a whim or excitement and what I call my “YOLO” mentality.  Whether you only live once or live a dozen times, I plan to always enjoy my current one to the fullest.

I stayed up late last night, packing and organizing.  I started putting essential items aside a few weeks ago, but always pack most efficiently the day or night prior to a big trip!  It’s like writing an assignment under pressure, it’s crunch time, and it has to be done!  I put my music on and putter around, and ultimately have everything I need ready and waiting by the door before I go to sleep.

So, the sun hasn’t come up here yet, but it has in South Africa!  It’s waiting for me, I know it. I have a busy day planned, and we’re scheduled to leave Minden around 4pm for my late flight!  Bags are packed, my heart and my soul are ready, and I’ve checked in for my flights!

Stay tuned!

A xo

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