An Act of Kindness

Kindness is everywhere, if you allow yourself to see it, feel it, and sprinkle it wherever you go.

I spent several hours the Sandton City mall today, in Johannesburg.  There were a few things I was in need of, and wasn’t familiar with the the shop names or the mall itself, so I had to ask people for directions and help.  The kindness that I felt today was incredible.  The outgoing and friendly nature of the people I came in contact with today made me smile and feel so happy to be here creating new memories.  One small moment can turn into an act of kindness, and this is exactly what happened as I was heading to the train station in the afternoon.  It was pouring rain… I mean, ricocheting off the roads and sidewalks.  I only had about a block and a half to walk, but wasn’t sure exactly sure where I was going, nor was I prepared for such heavy rain in a thin strapped summer dress and Birks.

There were several people standing inside the exit of the mall’s parking garage, waiting for the rain to let up before venturing out.  I did the same, and asked the lady next to me if I was heading in the right direction.  Her beautiful dark face lit up when she heard my accent, and she happily explained to me the directions I would need to take to reach the station.  She asked if I minded walking in the rain, and I told her I didn’t mind.  She told me that she was heading that way too and was happy to show me where to go.  Without hesitation, she pulled one of two children’s umbrellas out of her shopping bag, and offered it to me to use.  I didn’t know what to say, and I’m sure it came out as a jumbled, “Nonono, that’s okay, those must be for your daughters, and they’re brand new, please don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine!” She smiled and told me it was fine and that she’d be happy for me to use it and walk with her.  I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, such a small but generous and thoughtful gesture had me so grateful.  In the block and a half, Ngita asked me about myself and my travels, and told me she’s always wanted to see Canada.  She has a dream of taking her girls to Canada, but they’re still too small.  As we approached the station, I made a comment about how kind everyone seemed to be around here.  Her reply was, “it’s beautiful that you think that, but it’s not always the case.  I just think that good people attract good people.”  I shook off the umbrella and rewrapped it back up.  Smiling, I thanked her, she wished me the best, and we went our own ways.

These are the little beautiful moments that I’ll never forget.

A xo

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2 thoughts on “An Act of Kindness

  1. Amanda, you attract kindness. You bring out the best in people.


    1. That’s extremely lovely of you to say! ❤️ Thank you! There sure is lots around me at all times, it’s pretty special!


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