Now that’s a busy Sunday!

What a day… up at 6:00am to get ready for the Johannesburg Jump City Challenge!  Capped at 800 participants, Gilli and I had registered months ago to ensure our spots for the event.  The Jump City Challenge is similar to a Warrior Dash or Spartan Run with a few options for length of course and challenge types. There was no “mud” involved in this event like the Mudderella I was in last year, but this challenge had the same type of obstacles and team work vibe that the mud events have.  Some of the noteworthy challenges were the up and downs of over 32 flights of stairs, a pure blackout weave and rope challenge four stories underground, a six story climb up the side of the Sci-Bono Discovery centre, and the runs through museums and galleries!  What a way to see part of the city, (!jhb-info/cfvg) and what a way to start the day! We got Jump City medals for completion, and picked up our tshirts with the Joburg skyline on them with the year and the even sponsors.   I like to this that’s a pretty awesome souvenir.

We went back to Gilli’s house to unwind and recharge before getting ourselves ready to go over to some of her friends’ place for a Mexican themed margarita afternoon!  Barbara and Daryl hosted the six of us, including one of Gilli’s very best friends Deborah and her partner Wilfred, and Michael and Mabel (who is from Argentina! – needless to say, we had some great chats about Argentina and my year there.)  The food was delicious, and the company was top shelf.  Deborah made an awesome chopped veg and black bean salad, and there were tacos and dips as well.  We shared conversations of all types… actually! We talked about relationships, the law of attraction, how things are meant to be, politics, business and careers, (even self driving cars, as Daryl works for BMW), food and culture, photography, and even the funny isms of South Africa.  I left Barbara and Daryl’s house with a smile I couldn’t lose.  Reflecting on the day and the new friends I’d made, I was exhausted, but so content. So grateful. So happy.

A xo


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1 thought on “Now that’s a busy Sunday!

  1. Exhausted and sore I bet:)


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