GREAT morning!

It’s Sunday now.  Usually, I’d sleep in until 8:30am or so, but there’s no way that’s happening on this trip!  Fortunately, I got my Dad’s “morning person” genetics, and have the ability to wake up and be up and at it quickly.  My alarm went off this morning at 6:45am, and I literally leaped towards the windows to pull the curtains aside to see what was waiting for me on the fairway this morning… REALLY?! AGAIN?!  Am I really this lucky?!  THE FIVE GIRAFFES ARE BACK, and less than 100m away.  I put a hoody and shorts on as fast as I could, grabbed my cameras, and headed to the veranda for a better look.  These animals fascinate me, and are absolutely stunning.  The big bull giraffe is really quite large, and much thicker than the ladies. Of course I wanted a few different angles for my photos, so I wandered tree trunk to tree trunk, posing no threat, and was able to get a few good shots.  I thanked them over and over again for coming to visit, and headed back to the house… I cannot wipe the smile off my face.  I am so happy, and so lucky… It’s now 7:30am.  The day has hardly started, but certainly started in the most amazing way.

Here’s a few photos from this morning (more to come later with better internet!):



A xo

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3 thoughts on “GREAT morning!

  1. So cool!!.!


  2. Amanda – these pics and verbage bring me right back. I just shared with Jane and she smiled with her memories as well. Enjoy your heart out!


    1. Ahhh thanks Dan and Jane! I’ve been blown away by South Africa!


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