Kruger National Park

Sunday, March 13, I woke up to five giraffes lingering in an amongst trees outside… so already, with a day off to an incredible start, I couldn’t fathom that we were going to be visiting Kruger National Park!!

After a big breakfast at Steers, Gill, her husband John and I, started a Kruger National Park adventure.  Kruger is 19 485kmand hosts thousands of amazing African creatures!  There are multiple different gates to enter the park, but we entered at the Phalaborwa gate, only a few kilometers from the Hans Merensky.

You’ve got to remember that the park you’re in is massive, and that there is no guarantee that you’ll see a single animal while you’re driving around.  We were in the park for roughly six hours, but let me tell you, I’ve never been so happy sitting in the back of a car for that long.  About 45 minutes in to the drive, we hadn’t seen much more than a few birds, and there were a few comments through the car about how regardless of whether or not we saw anything, we were just happy to be on an adventure in the bushveld.

It was as if this was the secret password for animals to appear, because not even a minute after we’d stopped talking, Gilli said, “there’s something! A buffalo!” … so it began! Our own Kruger Park Safari experience.

The day was amazing, and we saw buffalo, zebras, giraffes, elephants, impala, water buck, reed buck, hippos and a wide variety of birds.  We didn’t see lions, rhinos or leopards, but possible on our next drive!

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1 thought on “Kruger National Park

  1. That would have been so cool !! I can just see the excitement on your face 🤗😊xx


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