Hazyview / Kruger Park Lodge

On Monday, March 14th, Gilli, John and I drove from the Hans Merensky in Phalaborwa to Kruger Park Lodge in Hazyview.  The drive was a few hours, but was through absolutely gorgeous panoramic vantage points amongst mountain ranges and through valleys and small towns along the way.

Once we arrived, John had to leave and head home, as he had a meeting the next morning to prepare for.  Gilli and I explored the grounds for a while and had a quiet night at the gorgeous vacation house right on the course.

Gilli is a member of Golf Resorts Club, and therefore gets discounted rates at several different affiliated resorts and lodges around South Africa.  An entire week spent in 5 star accommodation for an extremely affordable amount!  I really lucked out!

Tuesday, we explored a few beautiful areas, including Horseshoe Falls, Lone Creek Falls, Graskrop, The Pinnacle, Mac Mac Falls, and a variety of little artisan markets.  Gill’s parents, Bev and Tony (Danda, because one of his granddaughters couldn’t say Grand Dad when she was little!), and son Nick arrived in the afternoon, and we all settled into the house and had a great visit before having dinner together down at the resort’s restaurant.

Today, (after the monkey incident that will get it’s own short blog entry!), the five of us drove around and had lunch in Graskrop, then did a small hike up to God’s Window in Graskrop.  Stunning vistas!

We had a delicious dinner on the deck, and early bed! KRUGER TOMORROW!


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