Another Day at Kruger Park!

We started our day with a nice big breakfast made by Bev and Danda, and were debating what we were going to do with the day, based on the seemingly unreliable weather!  It was threatening rain, so playing gold was out of the question, but we figured that we could do a day at Kruger Park in the rain, since we’d be in cars.

Still waiting out some potentially wet weather, Danda, Nick and Gilli went down to the reception for a coffee.  Bev and I sat on the deck to relax and read our books.  After several quiet minutes, I heard something in the kitchen… Never ever ever did I expect to see what I did!  I peeked into the kitchen, and there were monkeys on the counter stealing our bananas!! Of course I had to capture this moment on video!  Even when scolding these little bums, I had the biggest smile on my face! They’re so cute, but so bad!! No wonder there are signs everywhere saying DO NOT FEED THE MONKEYS. Little punks find their own way in!! (turns out the door was left open by accident, but still, it added to the excitement of the day!)  Definitely a hilarity highlight of my trip!

We eventually got ourselves sorted and went to the Paul Kruger Gate to enter the park, about 40km away from Kruger Park Lodge.  There was a little kerfuffle about yours truly forgetting her passport for entry… (ohhhh I was beside myself!) but all went well!  Bev told me to “shut up, and do not say a word.  Your accent will be a dead give away.” in her English/Zimbabwe/South African mixed accent! I adore this lady, and really needed her support or I would have been in tears.  Fortunately, I know my passport number off by heart, and was able to fill out the paperwork accordingly, and no questions were asked about seeing the physical copy of it!  Huge win, we got to enter the park, and I didn’t have to forfeit the day!

Back into the car, we entered the park.  Gill and Nick were in Gill’s car, and I was sitting in the back seat of Bev and Danda’s car.  Just like last Sunday, we drove for about 45 minutes, and still hadn’t seen anything… so we started talking about how being in the bush was great no matter what.  Once again, as if it was the secret password for Kruger animals to appear, bam.  Elephants.  Then buffalo.  The day was off to a great start!

One huge highlight for us was seeing a very large matriarch herd of elephants, 30 or more! It was terrific, and we even saw and heard a baby elephant throw a tantrum after being spanked by his Mom’s trunk!  That was quite funny!

Also, in other huge news: TODAY WE SAW RHINOS! We didn’t see lions or leopards, so we have them to cross off of the Big 5 list, but WE SAW RHINOS!  Apparently they’re very rare to see, so seeing ELEVEN over the course of the day was almost unheard of.

Another incredible day, followed by dinner on the veranda.  Thank goodness it was covered, because it absolutely poured.  We enjoyed a decent thunderstorm, and headed to bed shortly thereafter.

A xo


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