In most large cities that I’ve been to around the world, if you explore them well enough, you’ll find pockets of different country’s cultures and cuisines.  If they’re elaborate enough, you might even feel like you’re in China, Turkey, or Thailand, based on the clothing people are wearing, food their eating, and language their speaking.  It’s amazing how really not going too far, can seemingly take you so far away.

On Saturday, March 19, a small group of us went into a suburb of Joburg called Fordsburg. This suburb is a close mixture Muslim cultures, including some Indonesian, Indian, Turkish, Somalian, Pakistani, and Egyptian.

We started our adventure with a Turkish Tea and Baklava.  The Turkish Tea is prepared with unfiltered coffee, which is really finely ground up, then simmered in a pot.  It’s served in a very small cup, where the grounds settle.  You can put sugar in it, which we all did, then you stir it, and allow it to resettle!  It looks like mud in the bottom after you’ve sipped all the liquid out, and it has such a uniquely delicious taste. Baklava is a sweet, rich layered pastry, with chopped nuts and is held together with sweet honey and syrup.  I learnt that it is characteristic of the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire!

Moving onwards, we explored some of the markets, and Deborah took us to some of the most noteworthy stops.  I know it’s hard to imagine an avocado and date smoothie, but believe you me, it was DIVINE!  Absolutely amazing, creamy and incredibly tasty.

We found our way into a little shop that provided a variety of services, including manicure, pedicures, henna, threading, hair cuts, men’s shaves and hair cuts, etc. John and Michael got a full straight razor shave, which was quite the process and even included a face and head massage, and a steam!  While they were pampered, I ended up getting both of my hands done with henna!  Why not? It looks really nice, and costed very little!  When in Fordsburg!

We all had an extremely satisfying lunch at the Dosa Hut, an Indian restaurant, and were all stuffed for R100 including tip ($8.60CAD), which included lemon and mint juices each!  Fantastic.

We wrapped up our afternoon with another wander through the streets, and bought some barfi, South Asian condensed milk dessert squares. YUM!

If you’re heading to Johannesburg, spend an afternoon in Fordsburg!  I think you’ll love it!

A xo


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2 thoughts on “Fordsburg

  1. Great adventures you’re having again and describing them well… Can you take a few shots of the markets you visit and maybe some art (if you’re allowed)? 🌞 Safe travels!!


    1. Yes! I will do my best! It can be tricky in some busier places! Thank you for your support! Xx


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