A lovely week in an around Johannesburg!

Here’s a few days in a nutshell!

Saturday, March 19th, the day was spent in Fordsburg (blog post).  In the afternoon, I made some apple crumble for everyone, and then we had Danda and Bev over for dinner and apple crumble.  Later in the evening, I went out on the town! Nick and his friend Connor, and Connor’s girlfriend Dani and I went down to Melville.  We went to a variety of bars, one of which was called Jo’Anna’s, that had a modern day juke box for choosing music!  For R5, you could pick a song of your choice!  There was a little bit of everything, even Metallica – although there was a huge cheer when the longest Metallica song ever finally ended!  Wasn’t the best song for the atmosphere at this bar.  We wandered in and out or a few different bars, and had a really great night!  The late night and excess consumption made for a long tired day on Sunday! 🙂

Sunday was a very chill day, although I was still up by 9am! The day was spent going through photos, reading, drinking tea, and writing.  Sometimes you jut need a day of nothing, and I was happy to spend the whole day in my Roots trackies.

Monday morning was an early start.  Up shortly after 6am for a 30km bike ride!  Gill, John, and I were accompanied by Deborah!  It was lovely, and took us through Buccleuch, around to Kyalami and Sunninghill and back to Buccleuch. I haven’t been on a bike for a while, but really enjoyed it!  Can’t say the 2km incline was a highlight, but the crest at the top and the view back down the hill was worth it!

Tuesday, Bev, Danda, Gill and I went to the Body World Vital Expo in Joburg.

“Vital tells the story of how our lifestyle choices affect our health and vitality and what happens when we are struck down by specific illnesses or medical conditions. More than 180 anatomical specimens of real human bodies show us how sophisticated, yet fragile, our bodies really are.

If you saw Vital’s hugely successful predecessor (called ‘The Cycle of Life’ which showed at Sci-Bono in 2013), you definitely won’t want to miss this entirely new chapter in the ground-breaking BODY WORLDS series. Conversely, if you missed the previous exhibition, here’s your chance to experience BODY WORLDS, the most successful touring exhibition of all time that has attracted more than 40 million visitors in over 100 cities worldwide.

Real Bodies. Real Science. Really Amazing.”

It was fascinating, and we there was so much understandable information presented in a variety or ways.  There were the bodies, videos, posters, and descriptions provided, as well as an audio assist for additional spoken tour presentations that you could bring along with you and learn more about the exhibits you wished to hear more about.

After Body World, I was dropped off at the Rosebank African Craft Market.  I would LOVE to bring things home for everyone, but it’s a little impossible to do so.  It’s so hard to choose who to bring things home for, and some have suggested I don’t bring back anything for anyone, but I just can’t do that!  There are a few people that will be getting some love from Africa, and I was able to find a few great things to bring home at this market!  I could happily spend hours wandering around craft markets like this, talking to the artisans and vendors.

The weekend is coming quickly… As is Easter Weekend!  Stay safe, eat lots, and enjoy your friends and family! We’re heading through Botswana to Zimbabwe on Saturday morning… I’ll write again soon!

A xo

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